About Us

Atomix.com and Edu.Atomix.com were both built on the foundation that everyone should have a game to play, it eases stress and just

makes the world a better place. As gamers ourselves, we strive to bring the newest and most updated games to our sites.

What makes Atomix.com and Edu.Atomix.com different? 

For starters: No annoying plugins needed (ever), no need to install the games before playing, and no frustrating compatibility issues on

various devices.

All Atomix games are free (honestly), and best yet…Atomix uses ONLY HTML5, which is the powerful new technology standard for online game playing. Just open your browser, choose from the hundreds of ever-updating HTLM5 games, and play from your home computer or mobile device.

Edu.Atomix.com is specifically designed for school classrooms, it only has “G” rated and education games.

With a different look, Edu.Atomix.com is easily identified by teachers to ensure that your children are safe on-line while playing games on Edu.Atomix.com.



Derek G

Derek G

Founder - CEO - CFO

Andy B

Andy B

Co-Founder - CTO